Biltong Spice - TRADITIONAL - Commercial Grade - 100g
Cowboy Biltong
Cowboy Biltong
Real Biltong for Real Cowboys
Biltong Spice - Make your own biltong - Commercial Grade - 1000g

Biltong Spice - TRADITIONAL - Commercial Grade - 100g

Biltong Spice: Craft Your Culinary Masterpiece

Unleash your inner flavor maestro with our Biltong Spice – a symphony of South African spices carefully blended for the ultimate biltong experience. Take charge of your culinary adventure and create biltong that tantalizes the taste buds.

  • 100g of Cowboy Biltong Spice for approx. 2kg wet meat
  • 250g of Cowboy Biltong Spice for approx. 5kg wet meat
  • 500g of Cowboy Biltong Spice for approx. 10kg wet meat

Key Features:

Commercial Grade Perfection: Our spice blend mirrors the authenticity of South African biltong, ensuring a commercial-grade result in the comfort of your kitchen.

Carefully Curated Ingredients: Immerse your biltong in a medley of handpicked spices, precisely measured for an exquisite balance that captures the essence of traditional South African flavors.

Versatile Culinary Tool: Beyond biltong, our spice is your secret weapon in the kitchen. Elevate beef, game meats, or even plant-based alternatives with a sprinkle of our aromatic blend.

Quality Assurance: Crafted with a commitment to quality, our Biltong Spice promises consistency in taste, ensuring each batch reflects the rich heritage of South African culinary traditions.

Perfectly Portioned: The 100g packaging ensures you have the ideal quantity to experiment with various recipes, making it convenient for both novice chefs and seasoned culinary wizards.

Global Flavor Fusion: Whether you're a biltong connoisseur or a culinary explorer, our Biltong Spice opens doors to a world of global flavors right in your kitchen.

Unveil the art of biltong crafting with our Biltong Spice – where tradition meets innovation, and every bite tells a story. Start your flavor journey today!

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