Biltong Spice - SPICY - Commercial Grade - 500g
Cowboy Biltong
Cowboy Biltong
Real Biltong for Real Cowboys
Biltong Spice - SPICY - Make your own biltong - Commercial Grade - 100g

Biltong Spice - SPICY - Commercial Grade - 500g

Biltong Spice: Craft Your Culinary Masterpiece

Elevate your biltong experience with our Cowboy Biltong Spice - SPICY! This Commercial Grade 100g spice blend is carefully crafted to bring the perfect balance of heat and flavor to your biltong. Transform your dried meat into a fiery delight, ideal for those who crave an extra kick. Made with premium ingredients, our Spicy Spice ensures an authentic South African taste that will have you coming back for more. Unleash the boldness of our spice blend and take your biltong to new, thrilling heights. Spice up your snacking game with Cowboy Biltong Spice - SPICY!

  • 100g of Cowboy Biltong Spice for approx. 2kg wet meat
  • 250g of Cowboy Biltong Spice for approx. 5kg wet meat
  • 500g of Cowboy Biltong Spice for approx. 10kg wet meat

Key Features:

Commercial Grade Perfection: Our spice blend mirrors the authenticity of South African biltong, ensuring a commercial-grade result in the comfort of your kitchen.

Carefully Curated Ingredients: Immerse your biltong in a medley of handpicked spices, precisely measured for an exquisite balance that captures the essence of traditional South African flavors.

Versatile Culinary Tool: Beyond biltong, our spice is your secret weapon in the kitchen. Elevate beef, game meats, or even plant-based alternatives with a sprinkle of our aromatic blend.

Quality Assurance: Crafted with a commitment to quality, our Biltong Spice promises consistency in taste, ensuring each batch reflects the rich heritage of South African culinary traditions.

Perfectly Portioned: The 500g packaging ensures you have the ideal quantity to experiment with various recipes, making it convenient for both novice chefs and seasoned culinary wizards.

Global Flavor Fusion: Whether you're a biltong connoisseur or a culinary explorer, our Biltong Spice opens doors to a world of global flavors right in your kitchen.

Unveil the art of biltong crafting with our Biltong Spice – where tradition meets innovation, and every bite tells a story. Start your flavor journey today!

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